We’re excited to announce InteliDial’s features are moving to Phound!

You can learn more about making the upgrade to Phound here

Call Quality. Call Connectivity.

How does InteliDial help callers? It optimizes the routing of dial-in numbers to achieve the best connection quality possible.

Access Broadcast Services

Seamlessly join your prayer groups and access favorite radio stations from around the world.

Reduce Call Costs

Intelligently dial numbers outside of mobile phone plans to help eliminate additional fees.

Use on Any Platforms

Use any type of phone by downloading the InteliDial app for either Android™ or iOS.

InteliDial supports both iPhone and Android operating systems.

Bypass Unlimited Plan Limits

Seeing surcharges tacked on to unlimited plans? InteliDial helps you find the freedom you signed up for.

Tap and Go

Join conference calls faster. With a single tap, get into meetings using conference services without any delays.

Download for Free

Why pay more to access certain numbers? Avoid the extra charges by downloading the free InteliDial app.

Simple. Useful.

A good call experience is about connecting the first time without incurring any unnecessary or hidden costs. InteliDial lets you do just that.

  • Reliably and intelligently dials into conference calls
  • Easily redials previous numbers via a single tap
  • Works with most conferencing services
  • Provides a simple way to connect to calls

Dial with Intelligence

Having trouble connecting to phone numbers that should be considered in-network? Connect faster and more reliably with InteliDial.

Any Android or iOS Phone

Android or iPhone® users will benefit from InteliDial by enabling intelligent call-routing rules that support in-network connectivity. Download InteliDial today and get back to unlimited dial plans.

Any Carrier

Some carriers impose ridiculous out-of-network call restrictions or fees for out-of-plan numbers, while others truly mean unlimited calling. InteliDial keeps your calls in-network — no fine print or exceptions.